Why can’t we have trains like (America/Europe?) and how to answer the question the next time our friends ask

Wuppertal Axel Sindram

Online-Vortrag von Mr. Henry Posner III

Chairman, Railroad Development Corp. and

Adjunct Instructor, Dietrich College, Carnegie Mellon University


While comparisons between North America and Europe most often focus on the fundamental differences of state ownership vs. private ownership and passenger vs. freight focus, the story is of course much more complex. For this reason we will explore both the differences and the similarities between the two continents, focusing on underexplored themes such as the origins of the structure of the industry as reflected in the cultures of the two continents. I will argue that this alone is even more important than politics and geography.

From the above we will explore a number of themes which are present in some form on both continents, such as:

vertical separation vs. vertical integration

state ownership versus private ownership

hands- on regulation vs. competition- driven regulation

After a basic presentation of roughly 30 minutes, the remaining time will be used in an interactive manner to explore the themes of the most interest to the participants

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